Nepali White Carved Disk Mala Bone Beads



Product Details

This incredible strand of beads in simply one of a kind.  Each of the beads is hand carved from reclaimed cow bone in the high county of Nepal.  (We promise that no cows were harmed in the process!)  The disk shape and the colors are some thing that you don't see all the time, which makes them very special and individual to your home and decor.  The carving and string color even varies slightly from strand to one will have the exact same beads!  These beads can be placed in a living, family room, or bedroom to add a special touch to any room.  A fair-trade product.

Bead Size: 4-5 x 13mm
Strand Length: 19"
Approximate # of Beads: 108
Hole Size: 2mm

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