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Gratitude Glass Jars are handmade, lovingly created by artisans using techniques that are centuries old. Creating a unique glass jar that varies in appearance. This is not a product that is mass produced which makes them even more special.  They also have a handcrafted wood top to secure all of your wishes!
Each jar comes with 200 beautifully hand crafted notes, so you can fill your jar all the way up!  Size : H 10.2 inches /D 6.1 inches   H 26 cm / D 15 cm
Jars to choose from: 
Gratitude (gold writing)
Thanksgiving (deep purple writing)
Baby Wishes (silver writing)
Each jar is made from hand-blown glass and therefore may reveal slight imperfections in the form of air bubbles which have become trapped when blowing the glass, pontil and hand tool marks, swirl and glass pattern irregularities, or even a slightly asymmetrical form. These irregularities are intentional and not considered as defects. Revealing a skilled human artisan produced the glassware one at a time.  We hope that you find joy in your unique piece of glassware.

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